New York – The Best Places to Get Married

It is hard to say no to the idea of getting married in New York.  That’s why a lot of couples while visiting New York surprise themselves with the desition to get married quickly in this city. You couldn’t resist the ceremony in Central Park where every location is an invitation to “say yes” to your lovedContinue reading “New York – The Best Places to Get Married”

City Hall Weddings – New York

New York City Hall is a place where you can see weddings and couples of all kinds. Big or small, extravagant or minimal, traditional or modern…weddings, like couples, come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. It’s wonderful how people get surprised about their own emotions at city hall ceremonies. It is generally a small and incrediblyContinue reading “City Hall Weddings – New York”

Professional Photo Video Team

Our photographers coming from Photo Video Wizards: Established in 1993 We have over 17 years of journalistic photo experience and we have worked on over 1000 weddings in the U.S.A. and Europe.  Our main specialty is wedding photography. We have also created material for political campaigns, fashion shoots, corporate events, and family occasions.  Our photographersContinue reading “Professional Photo Video Team”

New York Wedding photography

     What makes our wedding photography exceptional? We specialize in wedding photography, marriage ceremonies and other important life occasions.  We are skilled in utilizing famous New York landmarks and city spots in our work and in this way we merge your memorable moments with the fantastic scenery this city has to offer.  Our photo and video team consists of highly experienced,Continue reading “New York Wedding photography”