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New York City Hall is a place where you can see weddings and couples of all kinds.

Big or small, extravagant or minimal, traditional or modern…weddings, like couples, come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

It’s wonderful how people get surprised about their own emotions at city hall ceremonies.

It is generally a small and incredibly quick ceremony, but when you are standing in front of the person you love and repeating those words of commitment and honor the feelings are just the same as any large and lavish wedding.

Wedding photographers from NY1 Minute, Nikola and Goran Veljic are waiting for you every day between 8 am-4 pm near the City Clerk Office, 141 Worth Street.

If you are looking for an NYC City Hall wedding photographer in New York just go to check our online booking and your memories will be safe forever.

They are also happy to be your marriage witnesses if you are looking for a witness in the City Hall.

Having a small and quick wedding doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice anything.

Let us make your simple wedding memorable.

Your NY1 Minute team.

Professional Photo Video Team

Our photographers coming from Photo Video Wizards:

Established in 1993 We have over 17 years of journalistic photo experience and we have worked on over 1000 weddings in the U.S.A. and Europe. 

Our main specialty is wedding photography.

We have also created material for political campaigns, fashion shoots, corporate events, and family occasions. 

Our photographers have worked in a variety of locations worldwide and we have our own distinctive and recognizable style. 

Photo Video Wizards are masters of finding the right visual details in any situation and creating images that best capture the important moments in your life. 

We pride ourselves on being innovative and constantly thriving to excel in this field.

New York Wedding photography

New York finest
Professional photo video service by NY1 Minute
   What makes our wedding photography exceptional?
  • We specialize in wedding photographymarriage ceremonies and other important life occasions. 
  • We are skilled in utilizing famous New York landmarks and city spots in our work and in this way we merge your memorable moments with the fantastic scenery this city has to offer. 
  • Our photo and video team consists of highly experienced, creative, and detail-oriented professionals who are dedicated to getting the perfect shots.
  • We are one of the first agencies in New York that started to do same-sex marriage photography
  • The most important thing is that we are ready to respond quickly to your demands and make you believe that the last-minute wedding doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice the quality of your ceremony or any part of the day of your life.