NYC elopement wedding witness

NYC elopement wedding witness is one of the things you must think about before your wedding ceremony. It is not such a creative task as preparing a wedding dress or decoration but it is something necessary for every legal wedding ceremony. 

Here are responses for all questions you should ask yourself before you chose NYC elopement wedding witness.



Who can be your wedding witness? 


Wedding witness at City Hall elopement ceremony could be your best friend from college, your childhood friend, your favorite co-worker or anyone you trust and love, could be the witness at your wedding ceremony. 

All they need to do is attend the ceremony, support you, celebrate your love, and have valid photo identification


What do to if you elope to New York all by yourself?


It sounded like a great idea, you’ve decided to make an adventure of your wedding but your closest ones are not with you and you are wondering what now?


There is a solution for those situations as well.  

The founder of the NY1 Minute team, Goran Veljic is also a licensed NYC elopement wedding witness. He has been helping couples who come to New York to get married for more than 10 years. 

You could be one of those couples as well! 


Whether you opt for the New York City Hall Marriage or Central Park Wedding, it will be a great pleasure for Goran to accompany you and be a witness to your love. 

He will also guide you through the entire process explaining everything precisely so you can relax and enjoy on your wedding day without stressing over small, but important details.

At the same time, Goran is also a photographer of NY1 Minute and will be delighted to capture your most important moments in life, and all of that for an affordable price. 

With Goran as your NYC elopement witness at City Hall ceremony, your only job will be to keep a smile on your face, enjoy your day, and think about the lifetime of happiness that is ahead of you with your loved one

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