Eloping to get married in New York

Eloping to get married in New York was an idea of perfect wedding for this lovely couple.

The privilege of working in NY1Minute is that you can always hear an unusual story that makes you believe in love again.

Remember your college days. The roommate wasn’t often our favorite memory. Sharing space is not easy but if there is a secret ingredient – LOVE it could be magic.

Some people are lucky enough that love literally comes knocking on their door. Alexandra is one of them.

She was struggling to find a roommate and accidentally she found love. When he shows up at her door magic happens and deep down she knew there is something more in that guy that could change her life upside down. That’s exactly what’s happened.

The way they meet is not the only extraordinary thing that happened to this couple. They decided that they want to travel around the world for six months.

Eloping to get married in New York

It helps to grow their love and connection and they decided to move a step further. Their last destination was New York.

It is hard to resist the idea of getting married¬†in NYC. They’ve decided that eloping to get married in New York is the perfect choice for a couple like them.

They haven’t had much time and they needed a last-minute wedding planer. They choose one of our price packages and we made sure that they had time of their life.
Their wedding was in one of the most beautiful NYC locations–¬† New York City Hall
We make sure that their wedding photography is the best souvenir of the whole road trip. They were happy, spontaneous and spread joy all over NY City Hall.

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