City Hall elopement ceremony – What to wear?


City Hall elopement ceremony is perceived as formal and serious and you feel like you should leave that impression too.

Couples who chose elopement are often trying to keep the touch of the graveness of their wedding and they drowning in questions like

How should I look to make the impression that I am serious about this?

The traps on your way should be a lack of time and trying to make an impression. 

For the first challenge, we have an easy solution. Our NY1Minute team of stylists, hairdressers, planners, wedding witnesses, and photographers.

For the second one, we will give you a piece of friendly advice –

Don’t try to leave an impression, Have fun instead!

Couples are usually focusing on the environment, the officiant, and the “shoulds” of getting married at the City Hall.

For that reason, couples choose to go with safe options – wedding gowns, tuxedos, or good, old dress suits.

What if we tell you that you can wear whatever you want on your perfect New York City Hall elopement ceremony?

The wedding gown is perfect if you are having a big wedding party after the ceremony at the City Hall, or if you dreamed of wearing one your whole life. But for those ladies who didn’t have that dream – ask yourself – what was yours? A dress, a skirt, a blouse, or even a costume – if that is what will make you happy and make your day even more special – so be it.

Yes, it is the City Hall, and yes, you respect it, but it is your wedding also. So, get creative, think about what YOU want, and start shopping!

In our era, everything is allowed. Focus on the privileges of that fact. 

And remember – Life is your music video!

Nobody can live like that day by day but it is nice to remember that sometimes, especially before your wedding day.

Your wedding day is about you and you have all the right to direct it as you want.

If you are not in a mood to make a big deal of your wedding day and you want to go with the flow that’s fine too. Maybe you have no idea what you want to wear and you don’t even care.

Diversity is what we celebrate at NY1Minute

So many different cultures are passes through City Hall every day. Different traditions are united in one idea of celebrating love. It is so beautiful that you can see a bride wearing an Indian saree and half an hour later another bride in jeans.

Sometimes you want something fancy and your partner doesn’t.

That’s ok if you follow your wishes and respect other ones. Recently we had a groom in sneakers and a bride with a perfect traditional wedding dress. They look satisfied with themselves and respected each other decisions. Sending a message we are a couple but we are individuals too.

If you are someone who needs fashion advice and cannot do it by yourself that’s perfectly fine. Here are some suggestions for you.

Every woman has some version of a little black dress. However, not all the little dresses should be black. A short dress in your favorite color is perfect for the day wedding! It is light, bright, and fun! Wear a bubble dress for a playful look, mix colors, accessorize, add some flowers to your messy bun, and get ready to say “I do”!

If you want something that says “bride,” but is not quite a wedding gown, opt for a short, white dress. Have it lose, wear a bubble one, or if you are more of a conservative type, decide for a tight lacy option that will show off your elegance and figure. Whichever option you decide for – you can’t go wrong.

A long gown is not a wedding dress – but it’s still elegant and special. For those of you who want to be the center of attention, feel like a queen and feel the magic of the big day.

Any color, any shape. Have it strapless, backless, or long-sleeved and turtlenecked, in any color you want.

Put a personal spin on your dress by wearing a jacket, shawl or faux fur over it.

Grooms, we didn’t forget you

Everyone will agree that dressing has always been so much easier for a man than for a woman. However, on their big day, everyone, even a man, wants to feel and look special. Wearing a tuxedo is an old story. Some men don’t like wearing suits and they would rather decide on another option. It is their day too after all, and they are allowed to feel comfortable and simply, like themselves. Jeans – why not? Pair them with your favorite shirt, add a personal touch to it by wearing your favorite tie, watch, or a hat, and you are ready to go! Or just wear a Superman costume.

Your City Hall elopement ceremony should represent you and be all about you! You don’t need an expensive wedding dress to shine on your wedding ceremony.

Love is all you need!

Your NY1 Minute.

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