Marriage License guide

This marriage license guide will help get married in New York the easiest way it is possible.

Before you get your Marriage license in the City Clerk Office, (New York City, 141 Worth Street) check out our quick tips that will save your time.

  • Make sure your partner is with you. You and your future spouse must be present to receive your license.
  • Check your documents. You and your future spouse must each provide one of following valid identifications:
  • Passport
  • U.S driver License or Learner Permit
  • U.S. Non-Driver Identification Card
  • Active U.S. Military Identification card
  • U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (good for 10 years after date of issue)
  • U.S. Alien Registration Card
  • U.S Employment Authorization Card
  • Previously married? Please bring a copy of your divorce decree or the death certificate of your former spouse.
  • Bring a credit card, money order (payable to the City Clark) or certified check to pay the $35 fee.
  • Complete your license application and get a number to see a clerk. You can complete an application in three ways:
  • Online. If you are already submitted the form from the internet, please type your confirmation number into one of kiosks in the City Clark, and it will give you number to see a clerk.
  • At a kiosk. You can fill out and submit one application at one of the kiosks. The kiosk will give yoga number to see a clerk.
  • Fill out a form. You can  request a paper form and a number to see a clerk from the information desk.
  • Watch for your number to be called. there are screens on the wall that will display your number when a clerk is ready to assist you.
  • Meet with a City Clerk staff member who will:
  • Check your identification
  • Review your application
  • Collect the $35 fee
  • Issue your marriage license
  • Get married! After 24 hours, your license can be used to get married anywhere in New York State for 60 days ( or 180 days, if you are active military personnel)
  • If you would like to get married within next 24 hours, you must go to the New York County Clerk’s office at 60 Center Street, in Manhattn, to request a waiver.
  • Mail in your license. Please remind your officiant to mail your completed license to the Office of the City Clerk within five days of your ceremony. Your certificate of Marriage Registration will be mailed to you within 15 days of receipt.
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  • Marriage License – how can get married in New York

You can say “I Do” 24/7 in New York

Tell us in a comment below what do you think about our marriage license guide. Be free to complete those information with your experience.


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One thought on “Marriage License guide

  1. Guys, it really works like this! On March 2010 I was on holiday in NY with my wife – she was not at that time – and my daughter and we were having a tour in south Manhattan when, passing in front of the City Clerk Office, we were struck by the same thought: we looked at each other and we decided to get married!
    Nothing easier to do but remember, you must have a witness 🙂 We didn’t have it – my daughter was 3 – but we were lucky: a photographer – today a friend of mine, Goran – accepted to be also our witness and made that day one of the most beautiful and exciting day of our life…

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