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New York City Hall is a place where you can see weddings and couples of all kinds.

Big or small, extravagant or minimal, traditional or modern…weddings, like couples, come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

It’s wonderful how people get surprised about their own emotions at city hall ceremonies.

It is generally a small and incredibly quick ceremony, but when you are standing in front of the person you love and repeating those words of commitment and honor the feelings are just the same as any large and lavish wedding.

Wedding photographers from NY1 Minute, Nikola and Goran Veljic are waiting for you every day between 8 am-4 pm near the City Clerk Office, 141 Worth Street.

If you are looking for an NYC City Hall wedding photographer in New York just go to check our online booking and your memories will be safe forever.

They are also happy to be your marriage witnesses if you are looking for a witness in the City Hall.

Having a small and quick wedding doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice anything.

Let us make your simple wedding memorable.

Your NY1 Minute team.

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